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SalesNOW provides you with a mobile application so you can utilize your mobile device to manage all your sales data. Since it is a rich client version that is installed on your mobile device, you can access all your sales data whether you are in or out of wireless coverage – in the office, in a taxi, at a hotel, or on an airplane. In other words, access your data when and where you need it.

Our application was designed and built for the mobile device. Why? Because we believe that the mobile device is the core technology device behind the mobile professional. The mobile professionals using their mobile wireless devices have access to their email, calendar, task, and to dos in the palm of their hand – and now with SalesNOW, full access to their critical sales and customer data.

Because we designed our SalesNow to work with the mobile device, you will be already familiar with how the SalesNOW product works. Our screens, menu options, and functionality all work interactively and intuitively with the mobile device components.

  • Track and manage relationships with your Contacts.
  • Build detailed customer Contact and Company profiles.
  • Track and manage your Leads and Deals.
  • Capture activities such as Calls, Meetings, Tasks and related notes.
  • Associate email correspondence to records such as Contacts, Companies, & Deals.

No need to worry about your data. Automatic synchronization occurs with our SalesNOW server so all your valuable sales data is available when and where you need it - on your mobile device and through the Web. Upgrade your mobile device to a new model? Not a problem… SalesNOW resynchronizes all your data stored in our SalesNOW server with your new mobile device.

SalesNOW is designed so you can utilize the combined power of the mobile device with your pertinent sales data so you can focus on the most important part of your business – building profitable customer relationships. And with our application, you can do that on the go - anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Demo

For comprehensive demos on the Mobile devices including BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Android Click here.

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