SalesNOW provides a number of structured reports that can be generated in a Microsoft Excel compatible format. These report types include company and lead activity reports. Various sales reports are also available including sales forecast, sales history, and sales funnel reports. All reports can be segmented by date, by company or by various custom fields. Reports can also be defined by scope, allowing the user to include only one user, a team or an executive reports that includes all teams.



SalesNOW provides a number of structured dashboards that let you track sales history, sales funnel, sales forecast, contract expiry date, leads, deal and cases and activities including calls, meetings and tasks. These dashboards let you slice and dice the data by timeframe and by team members depending on your goals.


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Remember, with SalesNOW you never have to worry about your data. We care about it as much as you do. Sales information entered into SalesNOW on the web is automatically synchronized with SalesNOW on your mobile device wireless device. Have all the critical and updated sales information at your fingertips no matter where you are – in the office, in a taxi, in a hotel, or on an airplane.

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