• SalesNOW is a CRM FrontRunner

    FrontRunners, published on Software Advice, is designed to help small businesses evaluate which software products may be right for them. It evaluates verified end-user reviews and product data, positioning the top scoring products based on usability and user recommendations.

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  • Sell More. Sell Faster. Work from Anywhere.

    SalesNOW gives you and your sales team mobile access to the sales tools and customer information that you need to grow your business.

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  • Manage Your Team Take Control of Your Sales

    SalesNOW helps you to manage your deals more efficiently and provides the sales insights that you can use to see exactly how your sales team is doing.

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  • The Mobile & Online CRM Your Sales Team Will Love

    SalesNOW is designed to make you and your sales team significantly more productive, whether you run a small business or an enterprise sales team.

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Grow Your Sales Like Never Before

Every business is different and it’s likely that your business has unique information that you need to track on every deal. Not only can you customize your sales stages, but we also let you add unlimited custom fields so that you can capture all of the information that you need to close the business.

Track Sales Activities

Stay on top of your team’s sales activities. With SalesNOW, you will always know exactly what’s happening.

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Teams and Territories

SalesNow will help improve your sales team’s performance by organizing your sales information in one place and letting you easily share that information when necessary.

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Know Your Customers Inside and Out

Manage your relationships in one system and avoid surprises by knowing what matters most to your customers and contacts. Track all of the details of your client interactions in one centralized system, wherever you are and on the mobile devices that you use.

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Manage Your Customers Your Way

Your client relationships are very sophisticated. SalesNOW links your business accounts and individual contacts together to give you a complete view of these relationships.

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Tailored to Your Business

Always find the contacts and accounts when you need them thanks to SalesNOW’s custom fields, advanced searches and filters.

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Win New Business Faster

Shorten your sales cycles with SalesNOW’s fully customizable lead tracking system. Follow-up with your leads faster with simple tools to organize your leads and assign them to the right sales reps effortlessly.

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Mobile Leads

Organize, track and manage your sales leads right on your mobile phone or tablet. Never let a lead slip through the cracks again.

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Turn your website into a lead capture machine. Web leads are automatically created in SalesNOW for follow-up.

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Mobile CRM that Transforms the Way You Work

Now you can run your business from your mobile phone or tablet. SalesNOW Mobile CRM not only has all of the features of the online version, but integrates with the native functionality of your mobile phone and tablet. Go mobile and stay connected to your SalesNOW account wherever you are with SalesNOW for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

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SalesNOW Mobile Mapping

Let your customer information come alive. As opposed to viewing your customer information as a list, view all of this information on a map. See what customers are in a certain city, are near you, are near a certain address. By selecting multiple customers or customer activity from the map, SalesNOW will create a route to these customers from your current location. Pull up your meeting for the day and create the route automatically with no fuss.

Use your Free Time to See More Customers How many times has your customer had to shorten or cancel a scheduled meeting at the last minute? SalesNOW’s search nearby capability enables you to determine which leads or customer are nearby so that you can make use of this available time to grow your business.

Work Faster by working directly from the Map As opposed to going from the map view to a list of your customers, you can work directly from the map. Phone or email your customers while on route by clicking on the map pin. Save time by scheduling a call or meeting directly from the map pin or open the full record directly by one click.

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Tailored for Your Business

Simple to Customize

Simple to Customize Tailor SalesNOW to your unique business and all of your custom fields and settings will automatically push to both your SalesNOW hosted account and to SalesNOW on your mobile phones and tablets. SalesNOW offers plenty of flexibility to support your unique sales process and your need to gather critical custom information.

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Custom Fields

Define custom fields within contact and account records to enable you and your team to enter, find and sort the information most relevant to your business. We offer the flexibility to add as many custom fields as you like. You have complete control over the data that you want to capture and store in SalesNOW.

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Faster Implementation

Our team will work with you to get you going with SalesNOW in a fraction of the time compared to other CRM solutions.

Up And Running Within A Week

At SalesNOW we make it quick and easy to implement SalesNOW for your team. Many SalesNOW implementations can be implemented and your staff can be trained within one week of making a decision to proceed.

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Free Training

At SalesNOW we believe that training is a key to a successful CRM implementation. Our free web-based training is key to providing your team with the know-how to start using SalesNOW to grow your business.

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Seamless Email Integration

Enjoy one unified email system and get maximum control over your email communications, using the email applications that you already know. Integrating email with SalesNOW helps you keep all relevant information about an account, lead or deal in one safe place. Utilizing our Outlook or Gmail integration lets you save your emails, calendar entries and contacts directly into SalesNOW.

Outlook Integration      Gmail Integration

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One Low Price. No Surprises.

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What’s included? Everything!

  • SalesNOW in the Cloud
  • SalesNOW on Mobile Phones & Tablets
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • 2GB Document Storage
  • Gmail & Outlook Integration
  • Live SalesNOW Training via Web
  • Friendly Phone & Email Support
  • And much, much more