Customize to Your Needs

With SalesNOW you have countless customization possibilities.  Why settle for less?

customize to your needs

Tailored for Your Business

Customize your account to fit your business. SalesNOW offers plenty of flexibility to support your unique sales process and your need to gather critical custom information. SalesNOW offers intuitive customization tools that cater to your unique business needs.

Module Customization

Your business is unique and may have several unique business processes. SalesNOW lets your Administrator determine which business modules are right for you. Your business may require our Customer Service module, but may not need our Leads module. In SalesNOW, your Administrator can turn on or off various business modules based on their needs. The name of these modules can also be customized to match your business terminology.

Field Customization

Each standard field in SalesNOW can be customized to meet your business needs. Your SalesNOW Administrator can change the name of the field, in many cases the type of the field and the lists contained in that field.

Customize Deal Stages and Amount

Deal stages are the basic steps in your sales process that you want to manage and track for all of your deals. The default deal stages are Unqualified, Qualified, Differentiated, Committed and Closed. You can customize these deal stages and associated sales probabilities to suit your existing sales process. Your SalesNOW Administrator can also add multiple revenue streams to track, various selections of products and quantities.

Custom Deal
Custom Fields

Not only can your SalesNOW Administrator create an unlimited number of custom fields of varying types for each record type,  they can also create custom categories to store separate categories of custom fields (such as creating a custom field category called Accounting Information to store all accounting data within a customer record). These custom fields can vary in function, including text, list, date, number, multi-select and multi-numeric. Once these custom fields are created, the advanced search functionality can now search based on these custom fields.

Mobile Customization

After custom fields, and headers have been added to the web by a SalesNOW Administrator these customizations will automatically synchronize to all of your users' mobile phones and tablets. Users can then enter this custom data within SalesNOW on their mobile device and this information will automatically synchronize to SalesNOW in the Cloud.

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