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SalesNOW gives you real-time visibility and insights into how well your team is doing.

get numbers you can count on

view team details

View Your Team's Details

Get the right information whenever you need it, from wherever you are. With SalesNOW's team security structure, it's easy for managers to view the deals for everyone on their team. And if they want to make any changes to that deal, those changes will automatically be synced to that sales rep's mobile device. They will even receive a mobile notification that the deal has been updated.

Graphical Dashboard Reports

Get a quick snap-shot of how your team is doing with our graphical sales dashboards. Add customized dashboards that will let you look at your sales funnel for specific individuals or for the whole team. Real-time updates to deals will be automatically reflected in these dashboards. Click any stage within the sales funnel and the system will automatically filter the deals at that stage for you and your team.

graphical dashboards

Create Custom Deal Views

We often need to analyze our sales data by specific attributes, such as by type of sale, deal stage or status, or even by information in one or more custom fields. After you have filtered your sales data using our advanced search capability, you can save your filter so that you can quickly and easily reuse that filter in the future with one simple click.

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