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The SalesNOW cloud is accessible from any web browser, when and where you need it.

Hosted in the Cloud

SalesNOW Cloud

The SalesNOW Cloud

The SalesNOW Cloud offers you the best of both worlds' a full-featured CRM solution with total ownership and control of your data combined with all of the benefits of a hosted CRM solution, like access to data online, and the ability to get up and running quickly. 

Here are the unique advantages of the web-based SalesNOW Cloud.

Training, Support, and Software Maintenance

The SalesNOW Cloud includes numerous services at no extra charge for a worry-free experience, including setup and user provisioning, online training, nightly backups, monitoring, database maintenance, and technical phone and email support.

Integration Capabilities

SalesNOW Cloud is built on a flexible platform enabling integration with applications like Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail, Constant Contact, Messaging Toolkit, Web services, and more.

automatic update
Automatic Upgrades

With SalesNOW Cloud you receive automatic upgrades to both the web and the mobile solutions keeping you up to date with our newest web and mobile capabilities at no additional cost.

no contracts

Flexible Licensing
with No Contracts

From the SalesNOW cloud you can manage your sales teams, and add or remove users in real time knowing that you are only being charged for your active team members.

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