Powerful Email Integration

Integrate SalesNOW directly to your company's email system.

Automate Your Email with SalesNOW

Use the email applications you already know. Whether your company uses an in-house Email system, Outlook or Gmail, no one needs to change the way they work, so everyone stays productive. Integrating email with SalesNOW helps you keep all relevant information about an account, lead or deal in one safe place. Setting up email integration is a quick process. SalesNOW will remember your account information and take care of everything from there. This level of automation allows you to focus on work, resting assured that all of your customer info is stored and available to you in one safe place.

integrate directly

Integrate Directly to Your Email System

Save time by emailing directly from SalesNOW through your in-house email system. Emails composed from SalesNOW will be automatically sent through your email system and saved into SalesNOW. These emails can be associated to the relevant Contact, Company, Lead, Deal or Case . All meetings created from within SalesNOW will be automatically created through your calendar system with invites being sent to the invitees.

Start using SalesNOW today and take your sales

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