Stay on Top of Your Sales

Get complete visibility into your sales pipeline, all from one place.

Manage Everything About Your Deals

Know everything that there is to know about your deals. Which ones are active and what stage  they are at in the sales process. Which ones you've won, and which you've lost and why. Enter notes on your deals, edit custom information, attach proposals or contracts and keep a log of any activities related to the deal. Know the status of every deal and exactly where you stand.

Track Your Progress

SalesNOW brings your sales funnel to life with beautiful graphical dashboards showing you where you are and how you're doing at a glance. You can customize your sales stages to ensure that each opportunity moves through your proven sales process. Update your deals while in the office or on the road and these changes will automatically be reflected in your sales dashboards and reports.

Customized to Your Business

Every business is different and it's likely that your business has unique information that you need to track on every deal. Not only can you customize your deal stages and the likelihood of each deal closing based on its stage, but we also let you add unlimited custom fields to every deal so that you can capture all of the information that you need to close the business.

             Join the Conversation

Communicate internally with your colleagues in real time using the SalesNOW Chat functionality. Chat sessions can be initiated from the SalesNOW mobile app as well as from the web, and can bring members all across your organization together to collaborate. Need some outside feedback from management? Have a question about a Contact's past interactions with your colleagues? Simply create a chat session associated to a particular SalesNOW record and join the conversation.

Start using SalesNOW today and take your sales

team's performance to the next level.