Capture Your Web Leads

Turn your website into a lead capture machine.
Web leads are automatically created in SalesNOW for follow-up.

web to lead

web to lead

From the Web to SalesNOW

The SalesNOW Web-To-Lead feature gives you the ability to capture all of the information that your website visitors enter into contact forms  and automatically creates corresponding leads within SalesNOW. These leads are automatically assigned and key information, such as the specific web page that generated the lead, are stamped on the new lead record.

Turn Visitors into Leads

Using SalesNOW's Web-To-Lead form, you decide what lead information that you would like to have captured from your web prospects. The form can be embedded directly on your public website and you can create as many of these web forms as you like allowing you to  track exactly where your web leads are coming from. And best of all, it's easy to use. Just copy our code to your website and a new lead capture form linked to your SalesNOW account - will be displayed on your website.

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