Sell as a Team

SalesNOW will help improve your sales team's performance by organizing your

sales information in one place and letting you easily share that information when necessary.

sell as a team

share sales

Share Customers and Deals

When your team members need to work together on larger deals or bigger customers, SalesNOW helps to keep everyone on the same page. You can share records easily amongst specific reps or across teams or even across the whole company. Everything that anyone has done to move a deal forward will be available to the right people instantly.

assign task

Assign Tasks and Events

It is easy to assign tasks, calls or meetings to other members of your team within SalesNOW. Whether you are reminding an associate to follow-up on a proposal or scheduling a follow-up call for someone on your sales support team, SalesNOW makes it easy to work together.

Reassign Leads and Deals

There may be times when certain leads or deals need to be reassigned to another team member for follow-up. SalesNOW allows you to reassign these records either individually or en masse. All of the history and related records can also automatically be assigned. And to top it off, we will notify the rep receiving the newly assigned leads or deals directly on their mobile device.?



Share Sales Documents

Thanks to SalesNOW's unlimited storage limits, your team can easily attach any related documents to every deal. Save time looking for a critical attachment, such as a quote or a contract. Simply open up that deal record on the Web or on your mobile device. We even make it easy to access your files to close deals faster.?

Start using SalesNOW today and take your sales

team's performance to the next level.