Accurately Anticipate Your Sales Performance

SalesNOW helps you to create accurate sales forecasts faster and easier, with better and more reliable results.

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Sales Insights You Can Use

SalesNOW tracks your team's activities and sales pipeline and gives you the information that you need to grow your business faster. Our sales reports, from the advanced sales funnel report to the sales forecast report, give you the data that you need to see exactly how your team is doing. These reports can be run against specific team members or for the whole team. The data automatically rolls up by individual and then by team and then for the whole company, making the information easy to understand.

sales insights

custom reporting

Report on Custom Information

So you've added custom fields to your deal and activity records, how can you report on this information? Simple. SalesNOW automatically includes data from your custom fields within our sales and activity reports. You can slice and dice the data the way that you see fit. SalesNOW was designed to help you to track how you are doing and to help you to identify the areas that need your attention.

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