Take Control of Your Leads

Organize your leads and assign them to the right sales reps effortlessly.

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manage your leads

Manage Your Leads

You work hard for your leads. SalesNOW helps you to make sure that none of them fall through the cracks. Whether they come in from trade shows, your website, call-ins, drop-ins, or outbound marketing, SalesNOW helps you to keep them organized and to quickly assign them for follow-up.

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Work Together Effectively

Know exactly which team member is doing what with each lead and avoid redundancy and wasted effort. See all activities related to each lead and monitor their progress to ensure that no lead is left behind. And monitor your leads' progress as they flow through your sales process.

import leads

Import Leads Easily

Quickly import your leads with SalesNOW's powerful lead import system. Leads are assigned to the appropriate sales rep., linked to a specific campaign, and scheduled lead call activities can be automatically created for your sales team. Even attach custom information to your leads so that your sales reps will know everything that they need to know to be successful with each prospect.

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