Seamless Mobile Integration

SalesNOW's native mobile email, calendar and contact integration
delivers improved productivity for mobile users.

device integration

track email

Track Outbound Emails

SalesNOW integrates directly with the email client on your smartphone and tablet. When you compose an email from SalesNOW, we launch your default email client and then we save a copy of that email directly to the associated contact, company and lead or deal record. Never have to look for an email that you sent again.

calendar sync

Bi-directional Calendar Sync

Enjoy one unified calendar with SalesNOW, as we seamlessly integrate with your mobile device's calendar. Scheduled SalesNOW calls and meetings will automatically appear within your mobile device's calendar and any changes that you make within SalesNOW or on your calendar will stay in sync. Also, calendar entries entered directly within your mobile device's calendar can easily be imported into SalesNOW.

import contacts

Easily Import your Address Book Contacts

SalesNOW syncs with your mobile device's address book, and any new contacts added to SalesNOW or changes to existing contacts will automatically be synced. Import your address book contacts selectively or import them all at one time. Not only will the system create the new contact record within SalesNOW, it will also create an associated company record and link all of the contacts associated to that company to this new company record.

Start using SalesNOW today and take your sales

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