Align Your Sales Efforts

Stay on top of your team's sales activities. With SalesNOW you will always know exactly what's happening.

align your sales efforts

deal activity

Manage Your Deal Activity

Schedule follow-up activities, such as planned calls, meetings and tasks, directly on your individual deals. The system will even highlight leads and opportunities that do not have follow-up activities to ensure that no potential business falls through the cracks. All of these scheduled activities will automatically display on your home page and on your mobile calendar, so you will always know what needs to be done next to close the deal.

track progress

Track Your Progress

SalesNOW lets you record every activity that you've taken towards closing your deals. Everything related to each deal can be easily stored in SalesNOW. Every email sent or received that is related to the deal, every phone call or meeting log, every task completed, every note, and anything else. You will always know how close  you are to winning every deal.

plan your day

Plan Your Day

Stay on top of each deal while in the office or on the road. Take advantage of SalesNOW's powerful mobile integration to drive results faster than ever before. Automatically record phone call logs related to your deals following a call on your mobile device, quickly access all of the deal information when you need it, and take advantage of our new geo-mapping capabilities to find the most efficient route for your customer visits for the day.

Start using SalesNOW today and take your sales

team's performance to the next level.