Getting Things Done

SalesNOW helps you to stay on top of your sales activities and get the most out of your day.


route planning

Plan Your Day

Schedule calls, meetings and tasks to follow-up with your customers and prospects. These scheduled activities can also be linked directly to specific leads or opportunities. The system will even highlight leads and opportunities that do not have follow-up activities to ensure that no potential business falls through the cracks.

new meeting log

Custom Activity Records

Activity records can be customized to help you track exactly what's happening. With custom fields and filters your sales team will be able to easily log their calls, emails, meetings and tasks as well as to record custom information related to these activities for future reporting purposes.

calendar integration

Mobile Calendar Integration

Activities scheduled in SalesNOW can be set to automatically sync with your mobile calendar. Scheduled calls, meetings and tasks will appear within your mobile calendar, including the reminders which will automatically appear. And calendar entries, such as scheduled calls and meetings entered directly into your mobile calendar can be imported directly into SalesNOW on your mobile device.

Gmail and Outlook Calendar Integration

Do you like to schedule your sales activities directly into your Gmail or Outlook calendar? No problem. SalesNOW includes both Gmail and Outlook integration which gives you the ability to save those scheduled activities directly into SalesNOW and associate them to your contacts, customers and even to specific leads or opportunities.

Start using SalesNOW today and take your sales

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