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Brock Street Brewing Co.

The Most Refreshing Street in Canada


Brock Street Brewing Company is new to the scene, but have already amassed a number of prestigious awards and accolades in the craft beer universe. Since opening in April 2015, sales have been steadily increasing and the number of restaurants, bars and festivals carrying their delicious craft beer have continued to rise. With so much going on, including a massive 25,000 square foot expansion to the current brewery, the need to upgrade their sales management system to keep up with demand became an absolute necessity.



Craft Beer

The Most Refreshing Street in Canada goes SalesNOW

"Originally we utilized spreadsheets to manage our sales data but obviously that wasn't cutting it. What we really needed was a CRM tool that would provide management with instant access to our rep's sales activity, but also be something our team would benefit from utilizing and help them stay on top of each potential Sale.

What was amazing was that after just a few one-on-one sessions with the SalesNOW team we had a Custom CRM capturing the information we care about. They have worked with us to understand how our business process is unique, and the result is a totally unique CRM environment. Out of the box, we were able modify default SalesNOW fields and functionalities, even setting up email notifications in response to updates in our funnel. These custom changes applied to the web also appear on the mobile app, which allows our team to access their customer and lead data from anywhere.

For us it came down to finding a tool that was flexible, mobile and affordable. For any companies looking for a CRM to meet these criteria, I would highly recommend SalesNOW."

Andrew Paradis - Director of Sales