Proud to be known by the company we keep


Chemroy Canada Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 1967 in Toronto, Ontario. From the beginning, Chemroy's goal was to build a business that promoted high quality service in an environment that values respect, reliability, and trust in the field of chemical distribution. We wanted to ensure that a higher standard was set where the focus was not on boards and investors, but on you - our cherished customers.


Coatings, Adhesives, Construction, Food Ingredients, Inks, Plastics and Elastomers, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Lubricants, Rubber & Personal Care.


With three Canadian offices is British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, Chemroy continues to grow with their commitment to responsibility, trust, sustainability and transparency being their winning formula for almost 50 years.

Chemroy & Workflow Email Notifications

"As a whole the strength of the tool really is the ability to customize as an administrator with the features provided. One enhancement that our team loves are the Workflow Email Notifications. Our SalesNOW account has been configured such that certain stage changes trigger email notifications that inform the user or their manager of the updates to the record. These emails are sent with web-links that direct the user to the SalesNOW record instantly. Another strength of the tool that we've been able to leverage is Chat. Using SalesNOW Chat tool our reps are able to bring clarity to their data through instant messaging. Following a SalesNOW appointment users can quickly initiate a Chat related to a specific activity with their manager. These Chats allow teams to point to key take-aways of the meeting or call and then build a strategy for any future engagements.

Workflow email and Chat are free enhancements that have become a critical component in the way we do business. I would highly recommend this tool to other small to medium companies looking for a simple system with the potential for customization. It has the bells and whistles that actually matter at an affordable price."

Alex Graham - Commercial Finance Specialist