• Easily Record Sales Calls Discussing Multiple Manufacturers

    SalesNOW lets you voice record your customer sales calls with multiple Manufacturers on your Mobile device.

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  • Provide Your Manufacturers with Detailed Activity Reports

    SalesNOW makes providing your manufacturers with detailed activity reports from all your team members as simple as clicking a button.

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  • Manufacturer Sales Numbers at Your Fingertips

    SalesNOW provides your sales reps with up to date manufacturer sales and commission numbers and your Executives with Sales and Commission sales trends.

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Know Your Customers Inside and Out

Manage your customer and manufacturer relationships in one system and avoid surprises by knowing what matters most to your customers and manufacturers. Track all of the details of your customer interactions in one centralized system, wherever you are and on the mobile devices that you use.

Customer Sales Report by Manufacturer

Prior to meeting your Customer, review their sales and commission history by manufacturer from the web or the mobile to see which Manufacturers sales and commissions are up, and which manufacturers sales and commissions are down letting you tailor your sales call based on the trends you have identified.

Prior Visit Notes by Manufacturer

Be prepared for your visit by reviewing prior customer sales calls reviewing the details of the calls by manufacturer.

Enter your Sales Calls Real Time

Track the details of your Customer Sales calls by Manufacturer real time to provide your Manufacturers real time feedback and ensure all of your Customers requests are followed up on a timely basis. Even if your mobile is out of coverage, our native SalesNOW Mobile app allows you to log your Sales Call and will synchronize your sales call to the server once the device comes back into coverage.

Simplify the Recording of your Customer Sales Calls by Manufacturer

When entering a Sales call for your Customer, SalesNOW will pre-populate the sales call with the Manufacturers that this customer has done business with for quicker recording of the sales call.  If the Customer is adding a new Manufacturer, simply add a Manufacturer to the Call.  For future calls, this new Manufacturer will automatically appear.

Voice Record your Meeting Notes for faster Sales Call Recording

Dictate your meeting notes for each of the manufacturers discussed for quick, timely and accurate sales call recording.

Enhance Customer Visits through Pictures, Chatting and Opportunity Management

Attach Pictures to your Sales Call for better Manufacturer Feedback

Attach pictures to your Sales Call report for more detailed information regarding a sales call.

Chat with Manager or Associate Regarding a Sales Call

Chat with a Manager or Associate regarding a sales call for time sensitive follow-up with the customer.

Manage Large Customer Opportunities by Manufacturer

Enter Customer opportunities by Manufacturer. Manage separate Sales Pipelines for each manufacturer.

Customer Mobile Mapping

Filter your Companies by Customers, Warehouse Distributor, Fleet, Jobber/Installer etc. As opposed to viewing your Companies as a list, view all of this information on a map. See what customers are in a certain city, are near you or are near a certain address. By selecting multiple customers from the map, SalesNOW will create a route to these customers from your current location. Pull up your meeting for the day and create the route automatically with no fuss.

Use your Free Time to See More Customers.  How many times has your customer had to shorten or cancel a scheduled meeting at the last minute? SalesNOW’s search nearby capability enables you to determine which leads or customer are nearby so that you can make use of this available time to grow your business.

Real Time Sales and Commission Analysis

As either an Executive or a Sales Rep, analyze both year to date sales and commissions as compared to the previous year to see if the business is growing or shrinking.  Review the largest customer sales and commission by manufacturer, as well as the largest increases or decreases customer sales and commission by manufacturer.

Detailed Customer Analysis

Review your top customers by both sales and commissions.  Analyze which customer had the largest increases in sales and commission and which had the largest decreases in sales and commission.

Detailed Manufacturer Analysis

Review your top manufacturers by both sales and commissions.  Analyze which manufacturer had the largest increases in sales and commission and which had the largest decreases in sales and commission.

Seamless Email Integration

Associate your customer emails directly to the corresponding manufacturers for future Manufacturer activity reports.   Utilizing our email integration lets you save your emails, calendar entries and contacts directly into SalesNOW.

Manufacturer Activity Reports and Sales Rep Activity Reports

Detailed Activity Reports for your Manufacturers

Provide your Manufacturers with detailed Activity reports that pull from the Sales Call reports the associated Manufacturer activity for either one rep or the team.  These reports can be run for any date range selected.  Show your manufactures the details of the work that your team does for them.

Sales Rep Activity Report by Manufacturer

Report on your sales team’s activity based on the Manufacturers discussed. In summary, a sales call that was recorded that discussed five manufacturers will display the five separate notes by manufacturer to get a true picture of the sales reps activity.

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