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Customer Service Makes All The Difference!

Tealwood Senior Living has been using SalesNOW for over a year and found a great benefit in the data, reporting, and tracking features it provides. The adaptability has allowed us to make this system our own in order to fit varying needs of each service line we offer within our business model. Not always an easy thing to do in a complex environment. The SalesNOW team has worked hard to design and customize features and reporting to enhance our experience.

The program is intuitive and flows easily, which allows training to be fairly seamless. The mobile app is priceless for our team as it increases productivity and minimizes duplicity. There are several features we haven't even implemented yet, and I'm excited to get there.

You will always experience hesitant users, so the customer service and responsiveness has been what has made all the difference in my experience with SalesNOW vs other CRM's. John, David, and the rest of the team are always at the ready when I need ideas or a helping hand. Our team feels free to reach out to them individually as well.

I would recommend SalesNOW for any type of business to enhance the tracking, evaluation and implementation of your business plan. It's priceless.

Monica Hunter - Director of Business Development


Founded in 1989, Tealwood Senior Living, along with its management partners, has management and operational responsibilities in over 40 nursing home and assisted living communities across Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.



Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living & Memory Care Communities, Independent Living Communities & Transitional Care Units.


In excess of $155,000,000 in annual revenue from all properties, including co-developments with management partners.


Flexibility Helps Ariane Share Key Data

When Ariane was looking to migrate its CRM to a cloud based system, SalesNOW rose to the top during the evaluation process. We market our clients' funds to a diverse set of investors with detailed processes. SalesNOW allows us the flexibility to document and share key data during fund marketing, ensuring timely and transparent execution for our clients.

The SalesNow team worked efficiently and cost effectively with us to provide a configured solution which we can access at anytime from anywhere. The support we have received has surpassed our expectations. We have a great solution for a very reasonable price.

Donald Kraftson - Managing Director


Ariane provides client-focused fundraising services to established, next-generation and emerging private, hedge and mutual fund managers in a boutique, partner-level manner. Founded in 1999, our professionals have more than 130 years of combined experience in the alternative investment industry, acting both as buy-side fund managers and sell-side fund raisers, serving on behalf of funds which have raised over $4 billion.



Ariane represents client funds across the private fund spectrum including: buyout, growth, venture, special situations, secondary real estate, mezzanine and funds-of-funds.

Jackson Oil Plant

A Customizable CRM Tailored for Us!

Looking for a customizable CRM you can tailor yourself? You've found it! We searched far and wide for a company and a product to assist us in creating a better customer experience and improving our team's capabilities of working together. We wanted a CRM tool that supported our sales team in running their territory and managing their accounts. We needed a program that allowed inside sales, customer service, and maintenance to work with our sales team and assist with keeping everyone on the same page. If you want a program just to manage your sales pipeline, you're only scratching the surface - but SalesNOW is affordable enough to start at the beginning, and flexible enough for you to build upon to create a robust, dynamic, information sharing experience for both your employees and customers. The time is now - SalesNOW.

Ron Willis - Vice President and General Manager


Dedication and Hard Work since 1935. From racing fuels to industrial oil, Jackson Oil & Solvents, Inc. is one of the leading oil, fuel and lubricant distributors in Indiana. Based out of Indianapolis, Jackson Oil & Solvents can serve you and your business statewide, offering you the best product lines available. Jackson Oil & Solvents, Inc. has grown because of the dedication of every person in the company to hard work, honesty, and the selling of quality products, along with a concerted effort to provide the best service possible to our customers.



Fuel, Lubricants, Chemicals, Equipment & Services and Ancillary.


Jackson Oil & Solvents, Inc. is one of the leading oil, fuel and lubricant distributors in Indiana. Head office is in Indianapolis with four branch offices in Ft. Wayne, Greenfield, Indianapolis West (86th Street) and North Webster.


Chemroy & Workflow Email Notifications

As a whole the strength of the tool really is the ability to customize as an administrator with the features provided. One enhancement that our team loves are the Workflow Email Notifications. Our SalesNOW account has been configured such that certain stage changes trigger email notifications that inform the user or their manager of the updates to the record. These emails are sent with web-links that direct the user to the SalesNOW record instantly. Another strength of the tool that we've been able to leverage is Chat. Using SalesNOW Chat tool our reps are able to bring clarity to their data through instant messaging. Following a SalesNOW appointment users can quickly initiate a Chat related to a specific activity with their manager. These Chats allow teams to point to key take-aways of the meeting or call and then build a strategy for any future engagements.

Workflow email and Chat are free enhancements that have become a critical component in the way we do business. I would highly recommend this tool to other small to medium companies looking for a simple system with the potential for customization. It has the bells and whistles that actually matter at an affordable price.

Alex Graham - Commercial Finance Specialist


Chemroy Canada Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 1967 in Toronto, Ontario. From the beginning, Chemroy's goal was to build a business that promoted high quality service in an environment that values respect, reliability, and trust in the field of chemical distribution. We wanted to ensure that a higher standard was set where the focus was not on boards and investors, but on you - our cherished customers.



Coatings, Adhesives, Construction, Food Ingredients, Inks, Plastics and Elastomers, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Lubricants, Rubber & Personal Care.


With three Canadian offices is British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, Chemroy continues to grow with their commitment to responsibility, trust, sustainability and transparency being their winning formula for almost 50 years.


Simplicity and Training Boosts Sales

SalesNOW has been a HUGE Boost to our sales system. We had reviewed several CRM options before going with SalesNOW. A lot of them were very complicated and we have several sales guys that aren't very tech savvy. SalesNOW was pretty intuitive to use and the staff at SalesNOW were great to work with. They provided ample training sessions for our staff and uploaded/integrated all of our company info to get us up and running. Now we are about 1 1/2 years in and still getting tremendous service from the techs if we have a question or find a customization that we want to make. Can't say enough good things to express how happy we have been with both their product and their service.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a CRM for their company. Reasonably priced, easy to learn , easy to use and awesome support - these days when you reach out to the help desk of many companies you end up more frustrated than you were when you started. That has never been the case with the SalesNOW team. They are available by phone or email and have fulfilled many of our requests within minutes - hours and never longer than overnight depending on the issue or customization we have requested.

Dee Hunter - Director of Operations


KCI began publishing New Jersey Cops Magazine in August 2010, and in 2012 added New Jersey Fire and New Jersey Teachers magazine. In January 2013, we started Illinois Cops Magazine, and then Chicago Lodge 7 Magazine and Florida Cops Magazine in 2015. Plans are in progress to expand all three niches into multiple markets.









Headquartered in Teaneck, N.J., Krurapp Communications, Inc. (KCI) incorporated in June of 2007 as publishers of monthly, glossy niche magazines and ancillary products. 


Mortgage Sales Success Using Web-to-Lead

"We've been using SalesNOW since 2012 and the system has been a huge factor in the success of our sales team. What I love most about this system is that it empowers you to define your sales process. In our case, we've integrated SalesNOW with our website's Contact form so that prospective customers interested in a mortgage are automatically added to SalesNOW. From there we are able assign that Prospect to a mortgage agent that is able to make contact. Our reps will even receive email reminders when there hasn't been activity related to this newly associated lead. On the management side we can run reports to find out not only how our mortgage agents are doing, but based on referrals find out how we can enhance our marketing efforts.

What is important to me is a system that gives total control over the access my mortgage agents have, and one that progressively improves. As we've grown, SalesNOW has grown with us, adding new enhancements to make us even more effective."

Allan Kates - Vice President of Sales


Northwood have unmatched abilities to underwrite, place and fund residential prime and sub-prime mortgages. As a Northwood Mortgage customer, this means that when other companies say no to lending, they look to find a way to say yes. They are also experts in commercial, industrial or investment mortgage placement. This means that Northwood has arranged Commercial Loans from as little as $10,000 up to $19,000,000.00.



Mortgage Sales & Solutions, Residential Mortgages, Commercial Mortgages, Life Insurance, Financial Services.


Established in 1990, Northwood Mortgage Ltd. is one of the largest brokerages in the GTA. With a staff of over 200 professionals, we offer only the highest quality services and products to our customers, lenders and investors alike.


Mortgage Sales Success Using Web-to-Lead

SalesNOW customized a CRM for our firm. SalesNOW implemented other technologies that I did not know were available. They periodically contact me asking if there are any additional features or processes we could use, as our industry is constantly evolving. The greatest satisfaction I have achieved when dealing with SalesNOW, is any type of customization I have requested, they have produced results time and time again! Customer service is 2nd to none!

I like the fact that any type of customization requested, they review your request, analyze the processes, and usually come back with a better solution. Service is amazing!

Patrick Smith - President


Metrowide Appraisal Services Inc. is a leading provider of residential real estate valuations for the mortgage lending marketplace in the Greater Toronto and surrounding area. With several years of experience in the business, we have a proven track record of expediency, efficiency, and accuracy, reducing lenders time, efforts and costs in managing the appraisal process.



Residential Home Appraisal Services

33 Carpenters

Real Time Communication is "Key"

"We have been using SalesNOW for over 2 years now and are extremely happy with how it has increased the efficiency of our small business.

Our team is very mobile, which is why real time communication with our guys out in the field is a key component.

From the web we are able to send leads to our team in the field that they can immediately access using the SalesNOW mobile app. Users are notified when new data is assigned and can take action right away; scheduling activities, logging critical notes and creating new lead and customer records.

The system is clean and simple. New members of our team can be setup with their SalesNOW account, trained and using the tool on their first day.

Finally, the customer service is fantastic. You actually get to speak with the same reps and they have a knowledge base of your company, rather that speaking with a huge call center and multiple different people every time that you need assistance."

Kim Nelson - President


33 Carpenters Construction is a family owned full service general contractor that specializes in exterior remodeling and storm restoration. With over 100 years of combined experience in the roofing and construction industry, the 33 Carpenters team brings superior quality to each and every job.



Roofing, Siding, General Contracting, Windows, Insurance Restoration.


With locations ion Quad Cities, the Des Moines Metro Area, Bloomington-Normal/Peoria & Chicagoland, 33 Contractors has the experience and expertise to handle any residential construction project.

Brock Street

The Most Refreshing Street in Canada goes SalesNOW

"Originally we utilized spreadsheets to manage our sales data but obviously that wasn't cutting it. What we really needed was a CRM tool that would provide management with instant access to our rep's sales activity, but also be something our team would benefit from utilizing and help them stay on top of each potential Sale.

What was amazing was that after just a few one-on-one sessions with the SalesNOW team we had a Custom CRM capturing the information we care about. They have worked with us to understand how our business process is unique, and the result is a totally unique CRM environment. Out of the box, we were able modify default SalesNOW fields and functionalities, even setting up email notifications in response to updates in our funnel. These custom changes applied to the web also appear on the mobile app, which allows our team to access their customer and lead data from anywhere.

For us it came down to finding a tool that was flexible, mobile and affordable. For any companies looking for a CRM to meet these criteria, I would highly recommend SalesNOW. "

Andrew Paradis - Director of Sales


Brock Street Brewing Company is new to the scene, but have already amassed a number of prestigious awards and accolades in the craft beer universe. Since opening in April 2015, sales have been steadily increasing and the number of restaurants, bars and festivals carrying their delicious craft beer have continued to rise. With so much going on, including a massive 25,000 square foot expansion to the current brewery, the need to upgrade their sales management system to keep up with demand became an absolute necessity.



Craft Beer

World Marketing

Global SalesNOW Customer

Our global team, who are constantly traveling in the field, like the fact that they can access SalesNOW directly from their mobile devices or Macbook Pros. It's easy and efficient for them to enter their call data or capture phone calls without confusing or time consuming overhead. We also heavily utilize the Outlook integration to quickly capture email data against operators. Furthermore, the SalesNOW team is always very attentive to our questions and needs. One of the shining lights in the murky CRM industry.

We saved budget money, we have access to vastly better support, and SalesNOW stays flexible to our needs and growth. It is a win-win. A potential SalesNOW customer should take the time to organize their needs in a clear and concise manner. The more time spent up-front, the better. Either way, SalesNOW is dedicated to making their solutions better and going the extra mile to beat their competitor's vague and bloated products.

Kevan Ray - IT Manager


World Marketing Company represents national manufacturers who collectively produce a broad array of quality foodservice products. The company recruits the finest sales personnel available in the industry and provides them with superior training, technical support and product range.



Food services, Sales (Meat, fully cooked ready to serve entrees, fish, frozen vegetables, cereals, condiments, cakes, icecream)


World Marketing Company is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee and has sales representatives located throughout the United States, Europe, Southwest Asia and Pacific.

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