General FAQ

How do I get additional training on SalesNOW?

For additional training users can join our regularly scheduled demos at You can also access our Flash demo at If you require training for your entire Sales team, please contact to have a group training session scheduled.

How do I send a log from my mobile device?

If you are encountering any synchronization issues or are having any other difficulties accessing the SalesNOW mobile application, be sure to send a log to the SalesNOW support team. By sending these logs our tech team will be able to identify the synchronization status of your device and will follow up with you directly.

To send the log open the SalesNOW app and select Options > Log > Send Log to Support.

send log to support

How do I setup new users?

To add a brand new SalesNOW user, log in to SalesNOW on the web and select setup > Account Administration   and click the Users tab option. Next, click New User. Add the Data Access level, password, information and subteam data and click Save and Close.

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I changed my password on the web and am now receiving an "Authentication Error" on the device.

After a SalesNOW password has been modified on the web, the updated password must be applied to the Mobile app as well. To update, users can simply open their SalesNOW app and select More (iPhone only) > Options > Security > Update Password. From here users can input the new password information. Once the password, has been updated, return to Options and select Data Synchronization > Synchronize to ensure that the Mobile app is once again connecting to SalesNOW on the Web.

authentication failed

After the free one month trial, you have the option to subscribe to SalesNOW for $19.95 per user per month*. Included in this price is access to SalesNOW on the web and the mobile device, as well as our Gmail Extension and Outlook Add-In.

How do I search for SalesNOW data on the web?

There are two main search tools that users can make use of when trying to locate records in SalesNOW. The first is the standard search tool that can be found in any of the main tabs. All of these Search boxes will look at the Name of the record. For example the search box in the Companies tab is set to pull search results against Company Names. The standard search is a great way to quickly locate records where the name of the record is known.

 The second way users are encouraged to locate records is by using the Advanced Search tool. Using the Advanced search, users can build a search that looks at multiple fields. For example, the advanced search used in the companies tab will allow the user to search for Companies located in a specific city that are also part of a unique category. Once search results are returned, users are given multiple options as to what they would like to do with these records. For example they can be deleted, exported or reassigned, depending on the users data access levels. The scope of the Advanced search can also be changed, meaning that the user can search for their own data or the data of another individual or an entire team.
advanced search