FAQ: Pricing and Payment

How much does SalesNOW cost?

SalesNOW is priced at $19.95 USD per user per month*. With this monthly subscription SalesNOW users are given access to both the SalesNOW Web and Mobile Applications, access to our Gmail and Outlook Add-Ins, up to 500,000 records per account, 1 GB per user document Storage, and unlimited technical support.

How can I change my billing information/ billing period?

To update billing information the user must be a SalesNOW Administrator. To do this they can log-in to SalesNOW on the web and select setup > Account Administration and Edit next to Billing Information. Here the user will notice that they can modify the period of payment, credit card information and their address information. The options available for the user's billing period are Monthly, Quarterly and Annual billing.

billing information

How can I view my subscription invoices?

To review past SalesNOW Invoices and Orders the SalesNOW Administrator can log-in and select setup > Account Administration and under accounts they can click the Invoice or Order number to view their past billing history.

How do I add additional seats to my SalesNOW account?

Adding new seats to a SalesNOW account must be handled by a SalesNOW Administrator. To do so, the Administrator must login and select setup > Account Administration

And then click the order more licences button.

They can then input the quantity of new users that need to be added. After this request has been submitted the Administrator will receive an email confirmation that these new licences have been provisioned. The Administrator can then add that specified number of new users by logging into their SalesNOW account and selecting

Setup > Account Administration > Teams 

They can then click  New User and add the newly requested accounts where necessary.

order more licenses