Tealwood Senior Living

...Because The Journey Matters.


Founded in 1989, Tealwood Senior Living, along with its management partners, has management and operational responsibilities in over 40 nursing home and assisted living communities across Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.



Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living & Memory Care Communities, Independent Living Communities & Transitional Care Units.


In excess of $155,000,000 in annual revenue from all properties, including co-developments with management partners.

Customer Service Makes All The Difference! 

"Tealwood Senior Living has been using SalesNOW for over a year and found a great benefit in the data, reporting, and tracking features it provides. The adaptability has allowed us to make this system our own in order to fit varying needs of each service line we offer within our business model. Not always an easy thing to do in a complex environment. The SalesNOW team has worked hard to design and customize features and reporting to enhance our experience.

The program is intuitive and flows easily, which allows training to be fairly seamless. The mobile app is priceless for our team as it increases productivity and minimizes duplicity. There are several features we haven't even implemented yet, and I'm excited to get there.

You will always experience hesitant users, so the customer service and responsiveness has been what has made all the difference in my experience with SalesNOW vs other CRM's. John, David, and the rest of the team are always at the ready when I need ideas or a helping hand. Our team feels free to reach out to them individually as well.

I would recommend SalesNOW for any type of business to enhance the tracking, evaluation and implementation of your business plan. It's priceless."

Monica Hunter - Director of Business Development