SalesNOW® unveils SalesNOW CRM for the BlackBerry® 10 (HTML5)

Toronto, Ontario – SalesNOW®, the award winning Mobile CRM solution proudly announces the release of a brand new HTML5 version of SalesNOW that is specifically designed for the BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

SalesNOW is a contact and deal management tool designed for mobile sales professionals and sales teams to use on their mobile device and the Internet. On their BlackBerry 10 device, SalesNOW users can now manage their contacts, companies, leads, deals, work tickets, and their activities including calls, meetings, tasks and emails.

This new HTML5 version of SalesNOW for the BlackBerry 10 stores all of your sales data locally on the device. This means that your sales data is available to you whether you are in or out of wireless coverage – in the office, in a taxi, at a hotel, or on an airplane. In other words, access your data when and where you need it.

SalesNOW CRM for the BlackBerry 10 (HTML5) was designed and built for the BlackBerry 10. This version leverages the BlackBerry 10 design including supporting gestures and techniques that you will already be familiar with making the interface very intuitive to BlackBerry 10 users.

SalesNOW CRM for the BlackBerry 10 (HTML5) is also integrated directly into the BlackBerry 10 device. Our integration points are as follows: • Contact Import: users can import contacts from the BlackBerry 10 contact list into SalesNOW • Contact Export: contacts created in SalesNOW can be automatically exported to the BlackBerry 10 contact list • Calendar Import: any calendar entries created from the BlackBerry 10 calendar can be imported into SalesNOW • Calendar Export: scheduled calls and scheduled meetings can be automatically exported to the BlackBerry 10 calendar • Phone: from SalesNOW a user can phone a contact directly by initiating the BlackBerry 10 phone • Email: from SalesNOW a user can generate an email directly to a contact which will send the email through BlackBerry 10’s email system while storing the email in SalesNOW and allowing the user to associate the email to a contact, a company, and a lead/deal or case • Location: from SalesNOW a user can initiate BlackBerry 10’s mapping application showing on a map where a contact or company is located, as well as providing directions from the current location of the BlackBerry from SalesNOW