SalesNOW unveils SalesNOW CRM for the BlackBerry 10 (HTML5)

Toronto, Ontario SalesNOW, the award winning Mobile CRM solution proudly announces the release of a brand new HTML5 version of SalesNOW that is specifically designed for the BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

SalesNOW is a contact and deal management tool designed for mobile sales professionals and sales teams to use on their mobile device and the Internet. On their BlackBerry 10 device, SalesNOW users can now manage their contacts, companies, leads, deals, work tickets, and their activities including calls, meetings, tasks and emails.

This new HTML5 version of SalesNOW for the BlackBerry 10 stores all of your sales data locally on the device. This means that your sales data is available to you whether you are in or out of wireless coverage in the office, in a taxi, at a hotel, or on an airplane. In other words, access your data when and where you need it.

SalesNOW CRM for the BlackBerry 10 (HTML5) was designed and built for the BlackBerry 10. This version leverages the BlackBerry 10 design including supporting gestures and techniques that you will already be familiar with making the interface very intuitive to BlackBerry 10 users.

SalesNOW CRM for the BlackBerry 10 (HTML5) is also integrated directly into the BlackBerry 10 device. Our integration points are as follows: Contact Import: users can import contacts from the BlackBerry 10 contact list into SalesNOW Contact Export: contacts created in SalesNOW can be automatically exported to the BlackBerry 10 contact list Calendar Import: any calendar entries created from the BlackBerry 10 calendar can be imported into SalesNOW Calendar Export: scheduled calls and scheduled meetings can be automatically exported to the BlackBerry 10 calendar Phone: from SalesNOW a user can phone a contact directly by initiating the BlackBerry 10 phone Email: from SalesNOW a user can generate an email directly to a contact which will send the email through BlackBerry 10s email system while storing the email in SalesNOW and allowing the user to associate the email to a contact, a company, and a lead/deal or case Location: from SalesNOW a user can initiate BlackBerry 10s mapping application showing on a map where a contact or company is located, as well as providing directions from the current location of the BlackBerry from SalesNOW

SalesNOW Unveils SalesNOW Gmail Extension

Toronto, Ontario SalesNOW, the award winning Mobile CRM solution, proudly announces the release of a brand new Gmail Extension. The SalesNOW GMAIL Extension allows the SalesNOW user to work from within Gmail system to update SalesNOW including saving emails, creating SalesNOW Leads, Opportunities and Cases and creating activities such as Calls, Meetings and Tasks. All Meetings and Calls created will also update the Gmail calendar and will send out invitations to any invited attendees.

When the user opens up an email received through Gmail, the SalesNOW extension will search inside SalesNOW for the matching Contact. If the contact exists in SalesNOW the system will populate the extension with this contact’s information and history. The user can access directly from the extension any of the Contacts history including existing calls, meetings, leads, deals and cases. If the contact is not in SalesNOW, the extension will give the user the ability to add the contact.

Users can save both incoming and outbound emails and associate an email to a contact, company and a lead/deal or case.  Additionally, users can schedule or log meetings and calls directly from the extension. Also, users can create or modify leads, deals or cases from the extension.

SalesNOW Unveils Mobile Attachments for Android

Markham, Ontario, Canada, Nov 2, 2013:Toronto, Ontario SalesNOW, the award winning Mobile CRM solution, is proud to announce the release of a brand new attachment capability that is available for Android™ phone and Android™ tablet users. This latest enhancement allows Android™ users to save image files to SalesNOW™ records (Contacts, Companies, Leads, Deals) and access attachments of various formats from the web directly on their Android™ phones and Android™ tablets.

The Mobile Attachments functionality promises to greatly enhance the productivity of Android™ users that are often out in the field, and are sharing image files with their team members and managers. Now, these member users can quickly save a photo file to a SalesNOW™ record that Team leaders will then be able to access from the web. Records added on the web can also be pulled down and viewed from the device at any point and may include Word™, PDF™, JPEG™ and Excel™ files.

Ultimately, this latest enhancement means more transparency for managers, and a great way for SalesNOW users to quickly access critical data even from their mobile device!

SalesNOW Mobile CRM Joins Citrix Ready Worx Verified Partner Program

SalesNOW Mobile CRM Joins Citrix Ready Worx Verified Partner Program

Markham, Ontario, Canada, May 22, 2013:SalesNOW Mobile CRM, designed for the Web and mobile devices, is excited to announce that by utilizing the Citrix Worx App SDK we have embedded MDX technology into SalesNOW, extending SalesNOW as an enterprise ready, secure Customer Relationship Management solution to thousands of Citrix customers using any Android or iOS based devices. With Citrix MDX technology, SalesNOW can reside in a container, separated from personal apps and data on the users mobile device. This allows IT to set comprehensive policy-based controls such as data leakage prevention and the ability to remote lock, wipe and encrypt apps and data. SalesNOW will soon be made available to over 260,000 Citrix enterprise customers on the Citrix Worx App Gallery. SalesNOWs CEO Mark Durst states, Citrix MDX technology makes it easy for enterprise IT to apply security and access policies to SalesNOW across any iOS and Android device. This enables IT departments to centralize configuration, management, security and control for SalesNOW.

About Interchange Solutions:Interchange Solutions Inc. has been developing CRM solutions since 1997 and is the maker of SalesNOW, a complete CRM Suite for the Web and mobile devices, used by thousands of customers worldwide. SalesNOW is an actively developed, award winning, affordable, robust, secure and fully hosted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for the mobile device and the Web, designed for sales reps, sales teams, and service. Everything that a user enters within SalesNOW on the mobile device such as contacts, companies, leads, deals, and activities is automatically synchronized to their SalesNOW Web account and vice versa. SalesNOW is easy to use, allowing users to remain organized while tracking and managing all aspects of the sales cycle in real-time, anytime, anywhere. SalesNOW improves sales rep effectiveness on the road, increases management visibility as to who is doing what, and reduces the reporting burden via quick access to activity and sales related graphical and excel based reports. For more information, please visit